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Wolfard Flower Bulbs
Flower Bulbs
Flower Bulbs
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Product Description
Our Flower Bulbs are the perfect companion to our traditional oil lamps and candles. A simple, crystal-clear glass bulb, just right to hold a sprig of lavender, a single rose bud, or the first daffodil of spring You can also put our bead-and-wick unit in the mouth of the bulb and use it as the simplest of oil candles.

Candles come in three sizes:

Height Width
Small 2 3/8 inches 2 1/2 inches
Medium 2 3/4 inches 3 inches
Large 3 1/4 inches 3 3/8 inches

Each lamp comes with a wickholder, two pieces of wick and a fillerspout.
Product Description
Your Wolfard Flower Bulb may be used as either an oil candle or as a vase. Especially pleasant groupings can be accomplished by combining flowers and flickering flames.

The Wolfard Flower Bulb has been handblown from the finest heat-resistant glass available allowing it to be cleaned simply inverting them in the dishwasher. Thorough washing and drying is recommended when switching between the vase and oil candle use or visa versa. Make sure it is completely dry inside before filling with lamp oil for the moisture will cause a crackling or popping noise while the flame is burning. A filler spout, cotton wicking and wick holder has been included.

The properly adjusted flame is approximately the size and intensity of a candle. The flame size is adjusted by raising or lowering the wick ion its holder. Be careful not to let any part of the wick, including threads of frays, protrude from the top of the holder, or the Flower Bulb may smoke. During the initial use, or when sampling a different oil, watch the Flower Bulb for several minutes to make sure the wick is set low enough to avoid smoking. To lower the flame, blow out the flame, allow it to cool, remove the wick holder from the Flower Bulb and pull the wick further down into the holder. Kerosene and other inexpensive lamp oils should be avoid, because they tend to smoke and have a relatively strong odor. Solvents of fuels with lower ignition points than kerosene - such as alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner or acetone - are unsafe and should not be used. Using the Flower Bulb in a drafty area or outside may cause the flame to get PUFFY and smoke. Shielding the flame from the draft will help minimize this.

SIZE FUEL CAPACITY BURNING TIME small 3 ounces 18 hours medium 4.5 ounces 26 hours large 5 ounces 30 hours

NEVER leave any device unattended while lit.

ALWAYS keep FAR out of the reach of children whether lit or not.