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The Wolfard Oil Candle- Instructions
The Wolfard Oil Candle- Instructions
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Product Description
Your candle was created by designer Jon Wolfard. It has been handblown from finest heat resistant glasses available. The oil candle has no moving parts, and is rugged enough to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Durable as the oil candle is, however, please remember it is made of glass so it is not indestructible.

A filler spout has been supplied to facilitate filling the fuel globe. It is designed to fit most one-quart lamp oil bottles. We recommend Wolfard Lamp Oil, because of its clean burning qualities. If you have trouble finding Wolfard Lamp Oil locally, any quality lamp oil, including scented or colored oil, is satisfactory.

Kerosene and other inexpensive lamp oils should be avoided, because they tend to smoke and have a relatively strong odor. Solvents or fuels with lower ignition points than kerosene--such as alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner or acetone-are unsafe and should not be used.

The ideal flame for your oil candle is slightly more intense than that of a traditional candle. The top of the wick should be just below the lip of the glass wick holder. If any part of the wick, including threads or frays, protrudes from the top of the holder, your oil candle may smoke. During initial use, or when refilling or sampling oils, watch the candle for a few minutes to make sure it doesn't smoke. If it does, blow out the flame, allow the oil candle to cool, remove and pull the wick lower down into its holder.

Wolfard Glassing "hurricane" cylinders of the same glass and cylindrical style are available separately should you wish to use the oil candle in drafty breezy locations.

Your oil candle has a capacity of four ounces and a burning time of approximately 24 hours.

NEVER leave any device unattended while lit. ALWAYS keep FAR out of the reach of children whether lit or not.