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The Wolfard Oil Lamp- Instructions
The Wolfard Oil Lamp- Instructions
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Product Description
Congratulations on owning your new Wolfard Oil Lamp. This classic American design, hand-blown in California's Wine Country region for over a quarter century, represents the very finest in craftsmanship and materials. By following these few tips, you'll be able to get maximum enjoyment from your lamp for years and years to come.

Filling: First, insert the wick & wick holder into the reservoir (see below for how to adjust wick). We include a filler spout with each Wolfard Oil Lamp to make filling easy. Simply attach the filler spout to your lamp oil bottle (it's designed to fit most standard one-quart oil bottles), remove the label from your lamp, and insert the spout into the opening in the side of the lamp. Fill the fuel reservoir almost to the top of the globe (being careful not to overfill) remove the spout, and you're done.

Lighting: The easiest way to light your Wolfard Lamp is with a long fireplace match, a long-tip butane fireplace lighter, or even a long piece of uncooked spaghetti. Just avoid tilting the lamp during lighting, since this could cause fuel to spill.

Adjusting the Flame: When properly adjusted, your flame should be just about the size and intensity of a candle's. You can adjust the flame by raising or lowering the wick in its glass holder-but be sure to let the wick, wick holder and reservoir cool down before touching!

The top of the wick should be just below the lip of the glass wick holder. If any part of the wick, including threads or frays, protrudes from the top of the holder, your lamp may smoke. During initial use, or when refilling or sampling oils, watch the lamp for a few minutes to make sure it doesn't smoke. If it does, blow out the flame, allow the lamp to cool, remove the wick holder from the lamp & pull the wick lower down into its holder.

Choosing Lamp Oil: We recommend Wolfard Lamp Oil because of its clean- burning qualities. If you can't find Wolfard Lamp Oil, any high quality lamp oil including colored or scented oils, will do. Avoid using kerosene or cheap lamp oils, since they tend to smoke and have strong odors. Do not use solvents or fuels with lower ignition points than kerosene - such as alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner, or acetone - these are unsafe!

Cleaning: Because it's made from the finest heat-resistant glass available, your Wolfard Lamp is rugged enough to be cleaned in the dishwasher. For the best results, place lamp upside down so the reservoir doesn't fill with soap and water. Just remember any object made of glass isn't indestructible, so treat your lamp with reasonable care.

Burn time: the following table tells you approximately how long your lamp should burn before refills (since each Wolfard Lamp is handblown, burning times may vary just slightly):

SIZE FUEL CAPACITY BURNING TIME 6" 1.5 ounces 12 hours 9" 4 ounces 27 hours 12" 6 ounces 40 hours

15" 8 ounces 60 hours

NEVER leave any device unattended while lit. ALWAYS keep FAR out of the reach of children whether lit or not.